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Understand how the process to obtain services work.

We understand it may seem as a complicated process, but we will go every step of the way with you to show you is not complicated, after all, our little ones are well worth it because . . .

This is a FOREVER journey with this creative, funny, intelligent, impulsive, behavioral, and often loving individual.



After obtaining a diagnosis and a referral to "ABA therapy" or "BA therapy" from your doctor, contact us over email or phone preferably (if faster response time is desired). We will set up a session for you to fill out an application, to determine the eligibility of your child, the services needed for the child, and take copies of all your documentation to keep it for our records. 

A tour of the facilities will be conducted depending on the setting that the therapy is desired and/or necessary.

* If documentation is missing you will be asked to provide the documentation before we proceed and contact the insurance for a prior authorization

** Go to Frequently Asked Questions to see the documentation required


After the administrative staff reviews the records provided to check that the necessary paperwork is completed, a prior authorization is submitted to the insurance to conduct an initial assessment with the parent/guardian, the lead analyst, and the child.

* This process usually takes a few business days but can take up to 2-4 weeks depending on the insurance, thus it is important for parents to bring all the necessary paperwork as they become available to expedite the prior authorization process with the insurance.


After obtaining the prior authorization from the insurance to conduct the initial assessment, we will contact you to schedule the assessment. The child must be present if possible so the analyst can have a better understanding of the problem behaviors being targeted and the goals to be accomplished. 
* An assessment is usually conducted in a one hour interview and is a plan that recommends the setting of the therapy, the intensity (hours per week), and the goals to be worked on.

** An assessment usually takes 1-2 weeks to be completed but can take up to 1 month.


After the completion of the assessment, and with the recommendation of setting and hours, the behavior plan is then submitted to the insurance for prior authorization approval. After the approval has been obtained, the main office will contact you to schedule the therapies with the recommended hours and recommended setting of the therapies. 

* A prior authorization process for a behavior plan usually takes 2 weeks but can extend up to a month.

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