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Parent Training

Parent training is one of the most important aspects of effective ABA Therapy.

One of the most important steps in the ABA Intervention will be your child's ability to take home the skills mastered in a controlled environmental setting (one on one therapy) and to successfully apply them in their daily life and community. In order to achieve this results, it is important that the family members are involved and committed to the same treatment goals. The majority of parents seeking the help of My Kid Therapy Center have a child diagnosed with autism, these parents may need help with issues such as:

  • Understanding what the diagnosis means

  • Understanding that autism does not mean a lost future

  • Adapting to the life after autism diagnosis

  • Dealing with matters such as:

    • Mealtimes, sleep, discipline, etc​

  • Help develop the child's social skills​

  • Creating a successful future

It is important for parents to understand autism and help their child throughout every phase, as proper parent training will result in the benefit of the child in all aspects.

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